Basic cyber hygiene habits to stay safe online

cyber hygiene

In this digital era, cyber hygiene has become as important as personal hygiene. It includes best practices that a user can take while staying online to protect the system’s health and themselves from cyber fraud, attacks, and protect privacy by improving internet security. According to an article, cybercrimes will cost $10.5 trillion by 2025. Coalition‘s … Read more

Vulnerability Scanning


Vulnerability scanner software or packages are applications that inspects and logs information about the potential threats, security holes and systems connected on the network. Vulnerability scanning is used as the first step to secure a network or a computer in the network. These tests are passive tests unlike penetration tests. Passive tests are those tests … Read more

How to ensure privacy protection online? Using VPN

privacy protection using vpn

The global internetwork of computers systems popularly known as internet enables us to access any information we seek within just few clicks. All devices connected to internet use an IP address to identify itself and this IP address is the reason why the information that we search reach us correctly. It helps in routing of … Read more