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I missed this weekI will start fresh next weekI need to work next weekand I will work next week. Monday came with a wave of procastinationwiped my motivationThinking it’s wednesday’s stimulationI work in desperation. Sigh! it was friday, not wednesday. I missed this weekI will start fresh next weekI need to work next weekand I … Read more

Accessing Raspberry Pi without monitor and keyboard

raspberry pi

Raspberry Pi is a small embedded linux machine which runs on ARM architecture-based processors. It is a small computer, which when connected to a monitor/display, a keyboard and a mouse, can do almost all the tasks of a linux machine. But what if we don’t have monitor and keyboard? This post explains how to install … Read more

Vulnerability Scanning


Vulnerability scanner software or packages are applications that inspects and logs information about the potential threats, security holes and systems connected on the network. Vulnerability scanning is used as the first step to secure a network or a computer in the network. These tests are passive tests unlike penetration tests. Passive tests are those tests … Read more

Bitcoin Part 1


Bitcoin is a digital currency that came in existence in 2008. Although other digital currencies existed prior to bitcoin, it was the first currency to become success. Since then, the digital currency market is flooded with a lot of variations of cryptocurrencies. At the time of writing this article, there are roughly 3000 cryptocurrencies in … Read more

How to ensure privacy protection online? Using VPN

privacy protection using vpn

The global internetwork of computers systems popularly known as internet enables us to access any information we seek within just few clicks. All devices connected to internet use an IP address to identify itself and this IP address is the reason why the information that we search reach us correctly. It helps in routing of … Read more